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Zur Abwechslung mal ein paar Zitate auf Englisch.

We create the atmosphere in which we live.

K   I   S   S
  e    t    i     t
    e        m    u
      p        p     p
                   l     i
                    e    d

Wisdom is knowing the difference between right and wrong and doing what's right.

Rudeness is the weak man's substitute for strength, much as
Promiscuity is the mistrustful man's substitute for love.

The mind grows by input.
The heart grows by giving.

We have not inherited the earth from our fathers.
We are borrowing it from our children.

Out the ABUNDANCE of the heart the mouth SPEAKS.

You are what you are as a result of the thougths that dominate your mind.

Make a difference today.

Whatch what you think, thinking become words.
Watch what you say, words become action.
Watch your actions, actions become habits.
Watch your habits, habits become character.
Watch your character, your character becomes
             your DESTINY.

Freedom is thbe power to do right not an excuse to do wrong.

Yesterday is a canceller checked.
Tomorrow is a promissory note.
Today is the only cash you have.
So use it wisely.

Do more than exist - live.
Do more than touch - feel.
Do more than look - observe.
Do more than read - absorb.
Do more than hear - listen.
Do more than listen - understand.
Do more than think - ponder.
Do more than talk - say something.